APOE Genotyping through NCRAD and LGC

NCRAD is now collaborating with LGC and offering APOE genotyping for research purposes. NCRAD will receive samples from Investigators, prepare them, and coordinate SNP testing at LGC. A Material Transfer Agreement between NCRAD and the Investigator is required.

Samples that will be accepted at NCRAD

  • DNA
  • Blood
  • Saliva
  • Brain Tissue

What You Will Get

An excel sheet containing data for the 2 APOE SNPs (rs429358 and rs7412), translation rules for the SNPs, failures by individual, failures by rs number, and genotyping errors (the last 3 only if applicable).

It is very important to note that these results are only to be used for research purposes. This test is not approved for clinical use and therefore the data cannot be returned to subjects.

Turnaround Time

This is dependent on the number of samples being tested and how they are sent to NCRAD. Samples sent as DNA will be processed much more rapidly than samples received as blood or brain tissue, which will require DNA extraction.

Once samples are shipped to LGC Genomics, data is returned to NCRAD in about 6 weeks.


Dependent upon the type and number of samples received at NCRAD. Please inquire at 800-526-2839 or alzstudy@iu.edu.