Autopsy Resources - NCRAD to Rush University

Autopsy Protocol

The autopsy protocol provides detailed directions for the diener, autopsy technician, or pathologist tasked with performing the NCRAD tissue removal. The bottom section of the form must be completed at the time of tissue removal and faxed (317-278-1100) or emailed ( to the NCRAD autopsy coordinator. A copy of this form should also be enclosed with the formalin-fixed portion of the brain at shipment.

NCRAD to Rush University.pdf
Shipping Supplies

The below list of shipping supplies will be provided by NCRAD for the safe shipment of autopsy tissue to Rush University. Detailed shipping instructions will also be provided with the supplies, but may also be downloaded below. Please remember that tissue will be separated into two shipments: Formalin-Fixed and Frozen.

  • 2 large shipping boxes
  • 1 large (19X23) Biohazard orange bags
  • 1 small (14X19) Biohazard orange bag
  • Rubber bands
  • 5 plastic freezer bags
  • Red shipping tape
  • 2 Styrofoam box w/ lid
  • Plastic 1 gallon Rubbermaid container
  • 2 outgoing Fed Ex shipping forms (one on each box)
  • 2 incoming Fed Ex shipping forms (one in each box)
  • 1 hazardous diamond shaped shipping label (dry ice)
  • 4 donor ID labels
Formalin Shipping Instructions Frozen Shipping Instructions

Do NOT ship on Fridays, Saturdays, or Holidays.

W9 Information for Payment

For payment of services, those organizations and/or independent contractors must complete the below paperwork. The first page of the document is a welcome letter from the Indiana Purchasing Department. Please complete pages 2-5. Please remember to sign the pages of this document by hand, as electronic signatures will not be accepted.

W9 Forms for Payment Removal Site Payment Example Autopsy Payment Example for Funeral Homes