Procedure for requesting iPSC Samples

In order to request iPSCs, investigators need to complete an online iPSC Biospecimen Request application form. The iPSC application will be reviewed to ensure that these samples are appropriately disseminated and matched with the best research.

All Applications for iPSCs must be submitted via the online NCRAD iPSC Biospecimen Request Form.

This simple application requires the investigator to provide information and attach files:

  1. Basic information about the requesting investigator
  2. Investigator’s biosketch
  3. iPSC Request Details
  4. Brief statement of research intent, such as text from the abstract of a funded grant
  5. Basic information about project support

Applications for iPSC requests will be reviewed internally by NCRAD on a rolling basis.

Are there limits on the number of samples I can request?

There is no maximum or minimum of samples that a researcher can request. Any request must justify the number of samples being requested.

What is considered when reviewing my application?

NCRAD iPSC Team reviewers assess the application considering the following questions:

  • Is there sufficient justification for requesting the cells provided in the research intent?
  • Based on the provided statement of research intent, is the project technically feasible?
  • Do the investigators justify the use of the resources?
  • Do the investigators have the expertise, personnel and institutional setting to achieve the goals of the proposal?
  • Is the number of samples requested reasonable (i.e. are the number of samples requested sufficient but not in excess of what is needed)?

What are the possible outcomes of the review?

  • Approval
  • Denial of the application: Investigators will be informed of the concerns that were noted.

Can I request a letter of support for my grant application?

Yes, there are two types of letters of support that we can provide. If you complete an application and your request is approved, you can receive a letter that indicates you have been approved for specimens. This is approval is valid for 12 months. If you do not complete an application and/or your request is not approved, NCRAD can provide a letter of support that indicates the types of samples we bank and will state that before samples will be distributed to you, you will need to have your application approved.

If approved, how long is my approval valid?

Once approved, your approval is valid for 12 months.

What can I expect after I receive my approval and I am ready to receive samples?

NCRAD will work with you to complete the required paperwork, determine a shipment date and provide shipping information.