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Welcome WRAP Study staff, coordinators, and PI's.

This section encompasses study specific tools and videos for your reference. If you have any questions, comments, or new ideas please contact NCRAD by email or phone (800)526-2839 or directly at (317)278-1170.

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Draw 1x at any visit after completing LP and/or PET


Buffy Coat (DNA)

Whole Blood



Madison only

Kit Request Module

Please follow the below link to access the WRAP Kit Request Module. This link will direct you to a REDCap database where study coordinators and staff may request kits, individual supplies, and/or labels. Please allow a total of two weeks for kit requests to be compiled and delivered to your site.

Kit Request System

Biological Sample and Shipment Notification Forms

Please use the below forms (either web-based or downloadable) to collect information on specimen patient demographics, collection, and processing. We respectfully ask that all completed forms be emailed (alzstudy@iu.edu) or faxed (317-321-2003) prior to shipment. If you complete the form on the website you can choose to have it emailed automatically to us. We also ask that all shipments include a hard copy of each sample form.

Downloadable Blood Sample Form Downloadable CSF Sample Form

Manual of Procedures

The below downloadable manual for biofluids was created specifically for the WRAP Study. Please feel free to explore the manual through the hyperlinked ‘Table of Contents’. Questions concerning any part of the manual may be directed at NCRAD (alzstudy@iu.edu, (800)526-2839 or ) for further clarification.

Manual of Procedures

Biospecimen Priority for Incomplete Draws

There are times when, during a research visit, the full amount of blood and/or CSF is not collected. In those cases, WRAP will follow the following priority guidelines.

Please note: If less than 4 aliquots are available, half will stay with WRAP and half will go to NCRAD

Please note: If less than 4 aliquots are available, half will stay with WRAP and half will go to NCRAD

Training Slides

Please see the link below for the training slides for the WRAP study.

Training Slides